Guess who’s turning 5?

Guess who’s turning 5?

Like any good tech company, we’re celebrating our birthday on the anniversary of when we registered our domain name. While our founders met and planned out our beginnings before we purchased the domain, you’re not _really_ a tech company until you’ve found your (or as we call it home).

We’re kicking off the party by officially launching our updated website. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve blasted off with a new space theme, because our Sano Integration Platform is ready for takeoff.

The concept “artwork” for our logo. From the archives.
Which inspired our current logo, with a little bit of color.

A lot has happened in 5 years;

4 years in our first office

3 major hospital systems in Cleveland that we have engagements with

2 nuboBabies (Albert, now 4, and Alex, almost 2)

1 new office puppy

polly the office dog
Say hi to Polly!

We’ve learned a lot through the last five years and we’ve folded that all back in to our business, and then folded that into our Sano API. But we’re only just getting started, here’s to many more!