Welcome to nuboHEALTH

nuboHEALTH, llc is a healthcare technology development company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our company offers a HIPAA compliant API and custom technology design and integration services. Our expertise is healthcare. Each of our professionals averages 15+ years of healthcare technology and/or healthcare operations experience. We have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from building custom healthcare applications to EMR integrations to developing technology that improves clinical workflow. We know your IT resources can be stretched beyond their capacity or area of expertise. That is why we take the time to understand your technology needs and the people and processes involved. By asking our clients the right questions and listening, we can assess complex needs and create the precise IT solution that is cost effective and meets your requirements.

In addition to designing the right IT solution for our clients, we also offer a HIPAA compliant API that is designed to enable secure data management specifically for healthcare. All of the information is controlled through a simple, standardized platform that integrates with current healthcare systems and connects to modern, everyday technology such as smartphones, tablets, computers and wearable technology.

We’ve taken the complexities out of development, allowing you to focus on delivering information that matters, at the right time, in the right place and to people who need it the most.

What Makes Us Different From Other Healthcare Technology Companies?
We work with clients to align needs and incentives. Today’s healthcare is faced with multiple needs and incentives from Value Based Purchasing and Patient Satisfaction to Population Health Management to a shift to Pay for Outcomes. Hospitals, health systems and physician practices will need to find creative ways to combine cost containment with quality improvement, as well as efficiency with patient and employee satisfaction. We believe the key to aligning needs and incentives focuses on improving processes.

Our applications are not cookie cutter, single dimension solutions. We take best practices and create the core of our applications and then add your organizations specific needs. We work with your healthcare providers and patients to answer key questions such as:

How can we harness meaningful information between appointments?
What does it take to improve patient participation in the care process?
How can we provide timely information and education to patients?
How can we coordinate care seamlessly across healthcare systems?
How can we obtain the most current, useful patient information in a format providers can use at the point of care?

We are working to design the right healthcare applications that will engage patients in their care and live healthier, deliver timely, easy to use health information to the providers who need it and improve clinical workflows allowing for cost effective care and better outcomes. We believe if it is good for the patient and good for the provider- incentives line up and everyone is motivated in the right direction of better healthcare.