Simple Health Record Integration

Our Sano Integration Platform provides clinical integration as a service.  With Sano, your software will be connected to the EHRs from Allscripts, Cerner, and Epic right away.

As a result, your application will operate on the highest quality information and it will be wired directly into clinical workflows

Sano Integration Platform

The Sano Integration Platform is our API built on industry standards (SMART on FHIR). Although SMART on FHIR is the only way to gain universal access to clinical data, it still has some gaps. Sano provides custom adaptors to fill these gaps, so your app can access EHR data via one single, FHIR interface.

Most importantly, the Sano Integration Platform was built for the cloud. It delivers secure, dependable access that can grow with you and scale on demand.

Friendly with every EHR

With Sano, the same technology can connect your application to individual customers or reach a broader market through the app stores hosted by Allscripts, Cerner, and Epic. From the app stores, your software can be running in your customer’s environment with a flip of a switch.

Your application will use a single connection across all vendors. We leverage FHIR resources, so you know exactly what to expect. Now you can count on the standard for all customers – no more one-off solutions.

Secure from end to end

Integration is just the starting point. We are constantly monitoring the health and security of our platform. We leverage the latest technology to deliver secure, performant connectivity.

We understand the importance of protecting clinical data. Compliance is not enough – as trusted custodians of health information, it is our responsibility to make sure that private information stays private.

Custom App Development

If you have an existing app but haven’t been able to integrate it, or if you simply have a great idea and need to get started, then we can help.

Ready For Launch!

Let us show you how quickly you can get your project integrated with the Electronic Health Record.